Wiser makes his decision

Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian wide receiver Sean Wiser should be mentioned in any conversation when talking about who is the best receiver in the state this year. Wiser is a big talent and just took his third and final official visit to Stanford this past weekend. The receiver has already visited Oregon and Virginia but decided this morning that he was ready to make his decision.
"I committed to Stanford this morning," Wiser said. "I had a great visit and saw everything I needed to see. I had been up to Stanford before but this was the first time I had a chance to really hang out with the players on the team and see the new stadium. Everything was great and for me, it was more than just making a decision based on academics, I really believe Stanford has a chance to turn things around on the football field and I'm excited to be a part of that.
"The trip started Saturday for me, I flew up there and got in around 12:00. I met with the coaches, had lunch and then headed over to the game. The stadium is great, they took the track out so now the stands are right on top of the field and it's more vertical too so you're closer to the action. It was a good crowd, not quite a sell out but the crowd was pretty loud and it was fun watching the fans go back and forth with the USC fans.

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"After the game, I went to the dinner with the players, talked more to the coaches and then went out later that night. Sunday, I had breakfast, met with coach Harris and a few other coaches and also watched the team practice. I had lunch with one of the professors and it was just a great experience listening to how excited everyone is to be at Stanford. The academic people really get behind the sports programs and the professor I talked with is a big football fan and loved talking about football which was pretty cool.
"This morning, I met with the coaches again and that's when I told them I was ready to commit. I've liked Stanford for a long time and it's just the best place for me. A lot of people have asked me, 'what about winning games.' I haven't lost a game at Oaks in three years and obviously it's going to be different at Stanford but I like the future of the program. It was great talking with all the young players on the team and they have a great attitude and really believe they have what it takes to turn the program around.
"Stanford has a wide open offense and Coach Harris is very good working with receivers. He has had three Biletnikoff winners and I know I'll have a chance to play early there. Academically, I'm not sure what I'm going to major in right now, probably Business with a minor in Pre-Law but I'm still not sure. Stanford just had the total package and I'm very excited to be a Cardinal."