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Wisconsin isnt Kansas

San Antonio (Texas) Madison three-star all-purpose back Gary Green II was leaning toward Kansas before he headed to Wisconsin this weekend on an official visit. Now that he’s back from Madison, is he still leaning toward the Jayhawks?
“Yes sir, I’m still high on Kansas,” Green, who is 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds, said. “The trip to Wisconsin was nice, but it wasn’t like Kansas. I didn’t get the same feel that I did when I went to visit Kansas.”
Green said at this point he is leaning toward committing to Kansas and Jayhawk coach Mark Mangino is due in to visit with him later this week. Green said he intends to visit UCLA still next weekend and then come back and make a decision during the Christmas break.
“Notre Dame just offered me,” Green said. “But I think they’re waiting on another kid. I told Texas Tech I would visit them, but I’ve decided that it’s pretty much Kansas.”