Wingo takes low-key visit

St. Louis University four-star athlete Ronnie Wingo Jr. has seen it all on his visits to college campuses. He's had the grand tours, filled with tours of facilities and long talks with head coaches.
But his trip on Wednesday and Thursday to Illinois was different.
"It was a more low key visit," Wingo, the top player in Missouri and No. 60 player overall, said. "I already had visited with the coaches, seen the facilities and things like that. This time around, I just hung out with the players. I just spent time with the guys. The coaches were all on vacation, and I just went to hang out with the players and be around them."

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Wingo said he spent most of his time with Jason Ford, another St. Louis running prospect that signed with the Illini in the class of 2008.
"I stayed at his apartment, and I hung out a lot with him and all the guys from Washington D.C.," Wingo said. "Jason's a good guy. We played against each other last year, and it would be kind of fun to go compete against him. I know no matter where I go, I'm going to have to compete. That'd be something fun to do, and Jason said he'd be up for the challenge, too."
Wingo said the trip officially pushed the Illini into his top four with Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. There's a good chance that Alabama will be the other team to make up his top five, but he needs to see Tuscaloosa first before he does that.
"I'm going to Alabama next Tuesday and then I'm going to swing back by Missouri on the 31st," he said. "Then I'll be done for the summer. I'll end up going to a few games this season, and then after that I'll take my five official visits to the schools in my top five.
"I thought I'd have a decision by now and I'd know where I was going, but I'm not going to lie to you. After seeing all these places, it's all open. They all have a lot of things that really get me excited."
Wingo has gushed about both Missouri and Oklahoma recently, so what does the Illini have to push them into contention?
"From an offense standpoint, they're a good fit for me," he said. "They really know how to use their quarterbacks and running backs."
Wingo also said he's noticed the Illini have been picking up recruiting momentum lately, including the recent pledge from fellow Show Me State star, quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase.
"We talked about going to the same school a long, long time ago," Wingo said.
"But we really haven't talked about it recently. I'm sure he's going to find a way to get in my ear about heading up there now, though.
"It's the same thing for the guys here in St. Louis that are trying to get me to go to Missouri. And I know both Oklahoma and Arkansas have a lot of good things that would allow me to be great down there."