Wingo not concerned with visits yet

Raymond Wingo has the art of silence mastered. There's a thought kicking around that Wingo would like to follow his older brother's footsteps to Arkansas. There's also a rumor that he favors Iowa. Certainly, neither line of thinking started with the source.
See, information about the St. Louis University High School cornerback's thought process is rare. Wingo guards it with his life. He rarely mentions specific schools and shies away from tipping his hand. At this point, his final six schools represent the only bit of verifiable information. Everything else is hearsay at best.
Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Indiana and Michigan State remain alive in the race to secure Wingo's commitment, but expect him to provide much insight beyond that. Favorites? Yeah right.

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"I haven't been on any officials yet, so I don't know anything about which school I like best," Wingo said. "All of them are my favorites. No one stands out."
Word on his official visit situation is just as muffled. Wingo doesn't plan to take a single in-season visit. Instead, he'll wait until his high school career is finished to hit the road. And while he has six schools left to choose from …
"I'm only going to take the five visits - no unofficials. One of the top six, I just won't visit at all," Wingo said. "I'm not sure which one I won't go to yet or anything like that. I might just have to cut one."
It's clear Wingo has little interesting discussing his recruitment at this juncture. He'd like to focus on the now. That said, he knows the questions are coming. He doesn't much mind their presence because he's long since mastered the art of sidestepping them.
"I haven't spent any time thinking about recruiting yet. I'm just trying to focus on the season. I'm not going to get into really thinking about where I want to go until after the season."
And so Wingo's top six will stay a top six for a few more months. As of now, he intends to cut one school before starting the process of scheduling official visits.
A three-star prospect and the 30th-ranked cornerback in America, Wingo says he intends to wait until signing day to announce his choice. He is ranked as the No. 5 overall prospect in the state of Missouri.