Wingo gets rare chance to look ahead

The brief recruiting lull in which Raymond Wingo has found himself is foreign. The St. Louis (Mo.) University School athlete hasn't experienced many of them in the last few years. Fall camp is still weeks away. His track season has wrapped up and he has no recruiting-related engagements on his calendar.
No campus tours, no camps, no sprints and no pads; this is as relaxing as things get for a high-level athlete. For the first time in months, Wingo has been allotted the opportunity to plan ahead. He's cashed in on the chance to do so and is now eyeing mid July as a date take what could be his final two unofficial visits.
But while he is zeroing in on the dates with haste, the destinations are less that certain.
"I was thinking Iowa and Georgia," Wingo said. "I don't know for sure yet, but that's what I'm thinking. I'm going to have time to get some trips in and I'm just thinking Iowa and Georgia right now. That could change."
Wingo says he doesn't plan to narrow his list anytime soon, if at all. He also contends - as he has from the start - that his brother's decision to attend Arkansas years ago will have no effect on the choice he will make.
It's a question he has to be sick of fielding, so the answer he gives is designed to squash the family-tie narrative.
"It's all up to me," Wingo said. "I can't really go by what my brother experienced because I probably don't like the same things my brother likes. He is just leaving it up to me. He wants me to have it like he had it. He wants me to be open to everybody."
Wingo says he has no plans to trim his list of scholarship offers from 12 to a more manageable number. He may do so at some time in the future. Then again, he may not. All he knows is that he intends to take his decision down to the wire.
"I'm going to do it on signing day, so it's still really early for me," Wingo said. "Right now, I can just focus on my team. It's our last year together so I need to be focused on that. I can worry about recruiting more as signing day gets closer."