Wilson says hes solid

ANAHEIM, Calif. - There was some talk that Air 7 CaliFlorida Bowl participant and Georgia four-star commit Tony Wilson was taking some trips and looking away from his future SEC school. However, after a solid week of practice, the Rivals250 member says there is nothing happening with anybody else other than UGA.
Wilson is just ready to get to his future school and hopes to perform well this week at the CaliFlorida Bowl on Saturday.
"I never took any other visits," Wilson said. "I'm heading out there for my official visit on Jan. 13 and that's going to be it for me. I'm solid to Georgia and that's where I'm signing."
Looking back on the commitment that he made in early August, Wilson says that his decision was based quite a bit on the education he would receive, aside from other factors.
"I mean picking Georgia had a lot to do with the coaches, players, but first it was the academics that they offered me there," Wilson said. "That's important in case I don't make it to the NFL and make money that way. No other schools have really bothered me since I made my commitment. They know where I'm going."
One thing that has been quite evident through the first four days of practice was Wilson's understanding of the wide receiver position. He says it's just his nature to be a real big studier of the playbook he's given.
"It's not that I know the offense more than the other players, but my studying skills have always helped me in football," Wilson said. "Coach gave us a book and the first night I studied it, came out, and did real well. It's all about having the signals down. I can look over at the sideline, know the call, and know what to run."
"It feels natural out here and it's a real honor to be playing in a game like this."
Wilson is rated as the No. 20 athlete in the country and the No. 26 overall prospect in the state of Florida.