Wilson says hes done

In November, four-star junior college running back Kenny Wilson made his commitment to Nebraska but other visits were not completely out of the picture. Wilson set up trips to Tennessee and Florida for the last two weekends in January, but now it appears that things have completely changed.
The 6-foot, 220-pound No. 8 rated juco prospect in the country has decided that those visits aren't going to be necessary after all.
"I'm sure I want to go to Nebraska, so I'm not going to take any more trips," Wilson said. "I talked to coach Jay Norvell but he was really open about me doing it in the first place. He actually said for me to do what I had to do. But, I didn't feel like it was something I needed to do."
Wilson says that he will be phoning the Florida and Tennessee coaches to let them know that he will not be visiting. What went through his mind this week on making the decision to cancel those trips, was his first trip to Lincoln.
"I loved it when I went there," Wilson said. "I felt like I was home. Between the players, the coaches, the graduation rate, the team success, I just felt like I was one of them. It's a strong program and I'm excited to get up there."
In-home visits even helped a lot. The Nebraska coaches spoke with his mother on more than one occasion.
"My mom loved it," Wilson said about the NU coaches coming in for a visit. "They came to see me pretty regularly. They even wanted to play bingo with her one night, but she ended up not going. That was pretty funny."
So far, Wilson says that there should be no problems with his grades as he's been putting in a lot of work in the classroom.
"I expect to be there over the summer," he said. "I'm working really hard and finishing things up here at Butler."