Wilson re-opens recruiting process

After taking his December official visit to Louisiana Tech, Shreveport (La.) Woodlawn three-star defender Donovan Wilson was ready to commit. He had other visits scheduled but he felt the pull to the Bulldog program.
Now he has had some time to think about everything and decided he needed to take more time, check out a few more options, and re-open the recruiting process.
"After he came back, after the weekend, we talked about what went into his decision to commit," Woodlawn head coach Jerwin Wilson said. "He was very frustrated with the recruiting process. It was beginning to wear and tear on him so he kind of got frustrated and rushed into a decision. That's what pretty much led to him committing to the first school he went to, but he understands now that's not the right kind of decision. He doesn't want to take trips committed to a school."
With that in mind he made the difficult call to notify the Louisiana Tech coaching staff of his decision, but he also let it be known Louisiana Tech was far from out of the mix for his commitment.
"He told me that he advised them that he still wants to be recruited by Tech and it may be the place he wants, but he wants to wait and make sure he didn't rush into a decision," Coach Wilson said.
Wilson plans to take official visits to Utah (January 17) and LSU (January 31). He is also looking at taking an official visit January 24 to a Big 12 program.