Williston duo with loads of talent

Williston High School will have no shortage of athletes in the 2008 football season. In fact, the North Florida program should be just fine for the 2009 season as well. Williston will be lead by 2009 prospect Travis Evans and 2010 athlete Deonte Welch in a versatile and athletic backfield.
As a junior, Evans rushed for over 1,200 yards and nine touchdowns for over 6 yards per carry. When Welch came on in relief, the sophomore put up 434 yards on the ground and still hauled in 336 yards receiving with a 28 yard per catch average.
Evans measured in at the recent Tallahassee Five-Star Academy at 5-foot-10 167 pounds but he packs a punch with the ball in his hands.
"I have power," Evans said. "I can run past you. I'm very quick and I don't stray from contact. I'm not gonna try to run to the sideline. I'm gonna try to run up the middle. I can bounce it but I'm going to try to run North-South not East-West."
West is a versatile athlete that could find a home on either side of the ball but talked about his strengths as both a runner and a defender.
"I'm real long, so I was a tall running back," Welch said. "I can't really tell which side of the ball I like better. I like running the ball a lot and I love to hit too."
On the recruiting side of things, Evans has yet to receive his first official offer but lists several schools that are showing him interest. Among those programs is Auburn, Alabama, FIU, Georgia Southern, Louisville, Purdue and Stanford. However, Florida would be the school he would be most interested in hearing from.
"I'm from Tallahassee but I'm a Gator fan," Evans said.
West has a similar disposition. His recruitment has a long way to go but when the 2010 offers begin rolling out, West will be receiving a lot of attention and he hopes that Florida is one of the interested parties.
"I love the Gators," Welch said. "My family, my daddy and my momma and my grandparents and everything are Gators. The Gators are basically my top team."
It is yet to be said whether they will have an opportunity to play together as Gators but Welch and Evans should enjoy a successful 2008 season. Until then the two will be busy training, running track and playing basketball.