Willis wont rush

National Signing Day is quickly sneaking up on Priest Willis.
That, or the four-star cornerback is blessed with the gift of stone-faced sarcasm. If it's the latter, he deserves a standing ovation.
"When's my deadline?" Willis asked on Wednesday. "Oh, the signing day is that soon? Shoot. I didn't know it was that soon."

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Whether or not his words are tongue-in-cheek doesn't matter in the larger scope. Decision day is approaching, even if Willis doesn't know when it will be. The scholarship offers are in and the official visits may or may not be finished. He speaks about his last trip, but only briefly.
"LSU was pretty cool, actually," he said. "I like the coaches a lot there. Great coaches and great players."
This is Priest Willis in the midst of reflection. There are no options left to explore and no flights left to board. All that's left to do now is choose. And that, it turns out, is much easier said than done.
"I think I might do it before signing day," Willis said. "I might do it a couple days before. Yeah, maybe a few days before. That's a good question. You have me thinking now."
These days, the No. 105-ranked player in America is short on words. Still, he'll address any question he's asked. As for rumors that say he and his family are favoring schools close to his Tempe home, -Arizona State and UCLA - he laughs as he responds.
"No, no," he said through a chuckle. "That's not right at all. Location doesn't matter."
Willis will tell anyone willing to listen that he isn't letting the Sun Devils hang around as a form of hometown courtesy. According to him, he remains truly interested in Arizona State.
"Arizona State is still in the mix," Willis said. "It's close to home and there's something cool about being able to play in front of everybody I know."
At this point, there's little to be gleaned from his words. He's repeated them what seems like a thousand times. There are no favorites among his finalists. According to Willis, UCLA, LSU, Arizona State, Florida State, Notre Dame and Nebraska remain on equal footing.
But is he getting close to a decision?
"Not at all," Willis said. "Not even close."
On Wednesday, Willis said that he is unsure whether or not he will take his final official visit.
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