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Willis wants quick resolution

Nate Willis isn't into making people guess. His statements are concise and to the point. The Arizona Western Community College cornerback is too old to play things close to the vest for the sake of a hat-choosing ceremony or some grand announcement. He wants his recruitment over quickly and already has an idea of where he wants it to end.
Favorites? Willis has them. He rattles them off from memory.
"South Florida, Arizona State and Ole Miss," he said.
The Sun Devils' offer is the latest to roll in for the 6-foot, 180-pound defensive back, but just as he begins to recount what he likes about Arizona State, another school pops into his head. He backtracks to insert it among his current favorites.
"Oh, Iowa State is nice, too," he says. "I'd kind of like them."
Willis' 13 scholarship offers make getting things jumbled easy. If everything goes as planned, though, the recruiting commotion will behind him soon enough. He hopes to commit quickly -- before the start of the season -- and says he has a "90 percent chance" of graduating in December.
Spending the summer taking online courses from his family's Florida home has given Willis the chance to familiarize himself with South Florida. He visited the Bulls' campus last Friday and plans to return in the coming week. After that, he'll turn his attention to the other schools that round out his group of frontrunners.
All the while, he insists his commitment will be made swiftly. Dates are yet to be finalized, but if Willis gets his way, the process will be expedited.
The opportunity for immediate playing time will factor heavily into Willis' decision. He'll also look for the opportunity to return kicks for whichever school he chooses.
"I'm thinking I want to do this soon," he said. "I want to set up these visits to Ole Miss and Arizona State and do it right after that. Plans can change as offers come in and my favorites could change, but right now, I want to do it quick."
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