Willis waiting for jolt

Ryan Willis is starting to wonder why his offer list still stands at one. Anxious probably isn't the right word. Curious fits a little better.
The 2015 quarterback at Kansas City's Bishop Miege High School tosses out any number of possible reasons for what he perceives as a stall. It could be his location. It could be the fact that the quarterbacks ranked above him have not trimmed lists or made commitments. It could be some combination of factors. At this point, it doesn't much matter.
It's not that he's angry. He's happy to have an offer from Kansas State, the school he grew up rooting for. It's just that he figured he'd have a few more options by now. He's not sweating it too much, though.

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"I don't really know why other offers aren't coming in yet," Willis said. "I missed a few games this year, but only two games. I'm still second in the state for passing even missing those games. It could be because I'm in Kansas and having Drew Lock in my are probably isn't very good for me. Oh well."
Willis visited K-State and Oklahoma State this season and is also hearing from schools such as Missouri, Kansas, Iowa State and Other schools have also expressed passing interest. Things seem to be building, and Willis' recruitment could erupt this summer, when top-flight quarterbacks from around the country start to narrow their lists.
"I'm starting to hear from a lot of random schools," Willis said. "It's nothing real serious yet. I'm not sure they are going to pull the trigger right now or anything."
For now, Willis is in the most frequent contact with K-State. Just this week, he had a conversation with quarterbacks coach Del Miller, who outlined the program's plan at the quarterback position for Willis to consider.
"We talked about [current K-State commit] Aaron Sharp a little bit," Willis said. "Coach Miller said he's a really good player. He also said they are only taking one quarterback in this class and that they are taking two in my class. He said my offer is good until spring or summer. I don't have to worry about that. I'm on top of their board right now."
Willis intends to attend the U.S. Army National Underclassmen Combine in January, but has yet to make plans for offseason unofficial visits.