Willis takes note of Husker fans

Priest Willis will tell you Nebraska's 23-9 win over Michigan was plenty exciting. He'll tell you the schemes were up to snuff and the Huskers coaching staff was welcoming. All of the usual post-visit clichés are present and accounted for. It's not until he starts talking about the moments before kickoff that he grows truly excited.
It's the red carpet he walked over on the way into Memorial Stadium that sticks with him. The final score was pleasing and the pregame meal was tasty. But that carpet …
A rug is the lasting image. That's what defines the four-star cornerbacks weekend visit to Lincoln. Even a day later, there's a lingering hint of amazement in his voice when he discusses it.

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"We walked out over an actual red carpet. Literally, a red carpet," Willis said. "You walk over it and there are fans all around it in the tunnel. You just don't even understand. You walk over that carpet and are slapping hands and signing autographs. They all know your name. Then, when you get out, they're playing good music and it's just a flood … it's sea of red. It's ridiculous. There's not one empty seat. It's crazy. "
Willis offers up no such detail for the other parts of his trip. He points out that he hung out with players and coaches and ate the usual official-visit meals. He left Lincoln without making a commitment and respected head coach Bo Pelini's demeanor during what was essentially an exit interview.
There's no sense of urgency inside of Willis when it comes to making a verbal pledge. Pelini understands that, and his laid back approach scores points with the Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos de Niza defensive back.
"I just told coach that Nebraska was going to be in my top and he understood," Willis said. "He told me he didn't want to rush me. I don't think any college coach should."
Willis has a scheduled official visit to LSU on Nov. 2, which may or may not be rescheduled. He recently planned a somewhat surprising trip to Virginia for its game with Miami on Nov.10 and still intends to reschedule the Notre Dame visit he missed earlier in the season.
As for the last two official visits at his disposal, Willis intends to play that situation by ear. He may or may not take all five and reserves the right to add to the list on a whim.
"For now, I'm just going to focus on my season and trying to win a championship," he said. "I'll worry about the other visits after that.
"I'll cut the list down when I wake up and feel like, 'man, I have to cut my list down.'"