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Willis staying quiet

Campus visits, especially unofficial ones, aren't always game changing. They don't always result in new favorites or a shift in outlook. Still, the yields from four-star cornerback Priest Willis' weekend trip to UCLA may have set a new standard for bland.
That or Willis, the No. 9 cornerback in America, is a master of confidentiality. When it comes to information on his recruitment, the high school senior's lips are sealed tighter than a casino vault. He's had a "top 15" for weeks and sticks to it, swearing all 15 schools stand on level ground. The merits of a list of that size are debatable at best, but Willis doesn't much care about how it's perceived.
The takeaway from the weekend was as close to non-existent as it gets. Willis says he's too focused on football to worry about weighing pros and cons. He has all the usual visit platitudes on the tip of his tongue when asked about his trip to see the Bruins' 36-30 win over Nebraska. He'll rattle them off if you want, but don't expect much actual insight.
"I just went there and watched the game," Willis said. "That was about it.
"I said what's up to the coaching staff, but that was about it."
A productive trip? Maybe not as far as Willis' recruitment was concerned. He says he has genuine interest in both UCLA in Nebraska, so the chance to watch the two teams play each other was something he couldn't pass up.
But did the game make an impact? What about the style of play? Ask questions like those and expect nothing more than a verbal shoulder shrug.
"It was just a game I wanted to go see," Willis said. "It didn't have an effect on anything. It was a good game and I know both of them are great programs."
He seems to invite the mystery. Willis went on to say that he has no idea about the details of upcoming travel schedule. Instead, he says his sole focus is his high school season. Sometimes it's as if the senior has already been trained in the art of the cliché.
In the past, Willis has said he plans to visit the campuses of Notre Dame, Nebraska and LSU. Asking him to confirm the dates, though, is inviting yet another "I don't know."
"I just go week by week," he said. "I know I have those visits, but I don't know when. I'm more focused on my season. I haven't even been thinking about recruiting."
Willis says he has no idea if or when he might further trim his current list of 15 schools. He'll visit Notre Dame on Sept. 21, Nebraska on Oct. 26 and LSU on Nov. 2.