Willis has his three

Gerald Willis III has not been shy about it. He has his three.
Since naming a top three of Texas A&M, Florida, and LSU right after New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr won the 4A state championship, the three have remained at the top.
At the time he named his top three he said they were all were equal. As he looks at his list now has anything changed?

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"No, all of them are the same," Willis said. "All of them are equal."
He has taken a few trips over the last few months. He has taken in LSU a few times, visited Alabama to watch his brother Landon Collins in the spring game, and took a trip into the Lone Star State to visit Texas A&M and Texas.
As for camps, he has not attended any college camps. He did attend the RCS Houston and was set to compete at the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge but an injury kept him away.
"I was so mad I couldn't make it to Chicago," Willis said. "I wanted to prove myself. I watched the clips and I know if I would've came up I would've killed them."
Next up is a trip to Beaverton, Ore., and the Opening. After that a few other trips could be in the works.
"I'm trying to make my way to USC, and LSU, and probably Florida," Willis said. "Unofficial visits maybe late this summer or the middle of the summer sometime in July."
When it comes to official visits Texas A&M, LSU, and Florida have all solidified spots on his schedule, and USC is also right there for the fourth. That leaves one more and Willis does have a school in mind.
"The fifth one is probably going to be Miami," Willis said.
He is clear about his top three, but he does want to see what Miami and USC have to offer.
"That's the five schools I've been focusing on," Willis said. "I've narrowed my list to Texas A&M, Florida, and LSU. The other two I'm going to see what's up with them and you never know what might happen."
With his top three and what appears to be a pretty good idea about where he wants to take his five official visits, when does he plan to announce his decision?
"I'm probably going to make my decision at the Under Armour All-American game," Willis said.