Williamson talks status with Heels

It's been a couple months since Durham (N.C.) Jordan linebacker Phillip Williamson committed to North Carolina. In light of the news last week, Williamson discussed his thoughts on the Tar Heels now.
"I was ok with what happened cause Coach Withers was recruiting me. I really like him," he said. "I sent him an email after it happened and he got back to me. He said he was looking forward to seeing me the rest of the year."
The three-star prospect has heard from other schools, but maintains he is firm with his choice.

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"Other schools have contacted me, but I'm not really looking at that, I'm still with North Carolina. I'm not changing."
With that, what makes Williamson stick by North Carolina?
"It's always been a dream of mine and that's not going to change my dream just cause there is a little adversity," he said. "A lot of coaches get fired, you have to get used to it. That's part of the game."
Part of the reason for sure is his recruiter Everett Withers.
"Yeah, that's important. He watched me when I got my scholarship and he gave it to me, that's pretty cool with me."
Williamson plans to make a return visit on Sunday to North Carolina to check back in with the new aligned staff.