Williams thinking about official visits

Three-star athlete Delton Williams of Erie (Pa.) Cathedral Prep has put his visits on hold. Instead the 6-foot-2, 205-pounder will now wait to take his official visits before he heads back out on the road.
"I'm taking a visit officially to Nebraska soon after my first game on Friday," he said. "I'm trying to get down to one of their games. I'm looking to take an official to West Virginia soon too. After that, I'll probably go to Michigan State. I want to make sure I visit those three before I go anywhere else."
Does Williams have specific games in mind?

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"I haven't really looked that closely yet," he said. "I just realized I can take official visits starting in September, so I'm starting to look at the schedules and figure out which games I can go to. I'm going to be going to Nebraska for sure. I owe them a visit along with West Virginia. I'm pushing Michigan State to last since I've been there already."
With official visits right around the corner, Williams touched on what he hopes to see.
"I know they can do a little more on an official," he said. "I want to see how much I like the coaching staff and how much they like me. I'm going to see if I feel comfortable that far away from home, because anybody can get homesick. I want to see how I feel inside the program, with the coaches and their players. If it's the place I want to be, it should hit me as soon as I get there. It should be a feel for me, I should want to be there."
The No. 19 prospect in Pennsylvania noted that he would consider other trips outside of the above-mentioned top three.
"Ohio State has talked about me coming down for an official visit even though they haven't offered. I don't know about that for sure," he said. "I may take one to Rutgers and perhaps back to Wisconsin."
As for a decision, Williams hopes to make a choice before the McDowell game.
"That is a big rival for us and we've talked that the seniors might commit before that game, so we can be focused on the field," he said.
Williams and Cathedral Prep School open their season on Friday.
"Practice is going well," he said. "We're working out really hard and this is a big year for us. You can see it in our eyes. I see a big difference for me in the weight room and how I feel more attached to the team. Last year I was young and when you're young you don't really focus on the big picture. This year we want to achieve our goals."