Williams makes the call

Dallas (Texas) Skyline defensive back Steve Williams has been picking up offer after offer throughout the Spring but none has stood out more than an offer from Oklahoma University. This past weekend Williams took in the Oklahoma Spring Game and he saw all he needed to see.
Monday afternoon, Williams committed to the Sooners.
"I committed today," Williams said. "I had decided yesterday but I had slept on it a little bit to see how I felt today. When I was going to practice I talked to the coach and told him I was going to commit."
Williams relayed his commitment to an excited Coach Wilson and Coach Wright and has plans of talking to Coach Stoops this evening.
The weekend visit to Norman, Okla. is what sold Williams for good on OU and he had several factors that played a major role.
"They had all the equipment you need for you to be successful," he said. "And they had the highest graduation rate in the Big 12. I won't be fighting the depth chart. I know I can play with those guys. Also they're scheme is similar to what we run at Skyline only more in depth so I should be able to pick it up easily."
The 5-foot-10, hard-hitting, bawl-hawking corner didn't have a specific time frame in mind heading into the recruiting process but things just felt right for him this weekend.
"I kind of wanted to be an Oklahoma Sooner and I just went down there and saw how it was and I just figured I'd make my decision," he said. "My parents trust my thoughts. They'll go up and see the college in a couple weeks."
Now that his decision is made, Williams is nothing but smiles.
"I'm excited about it," he said. "I got the process over with. I aint losing nothing. I'm at a top five team in the nation. I'm at the winningest program in the last five years."
Though offers and recruiters won't likely slow down for Williams, he insists that he's set on his decision and knows exactly what he's doing.
"I'm happy about my decision," he confirmed. "I don't think I'll change my decision. That's what I want and that's how I want it."