Williams has four on top, thinking about official visits

Rivals100 defensive end Tim Williams has seen many top college coaches come through the halls of Baton Rouge (La.) University High, but as he enters his senior season he has made no secret of his top four.
"Florida St. and University of Miami those are the top two schools that have been reaching out to me the most and have made the most noise over the summer," Williams said. "But LSU and Alabama have always been recruiting me since last season before Florida St. and Miami.
"The only thing that boosted those two Florida schools up is they made a lot of noise with me this summer and got to know me as a person rather than just a football player. All the programs they have some good opportunities for me to come in and play, and be a great student there and live out my college career."

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Of those four the Miami Hurricanes stand at the top.
"Just because of the way they've been communicating with me they have a little bit of an edge," Williams said.
Miami may have edge, but the others are not far behind.
"I talk with the University of Miami the most, but it's hard to say I have a favorite because LSU is the home school and Alabama was actually the first school to recruit me," he said. "I just want to make the best decision that's right for me. I can say all those schools are my favorite. But I do talk to Miami the most and I enjoy talking to those guys over in South Beach."
Williams talked about setting an official visit to Miami for the Florida St. game in October. He has not scheduled the visit, but he has been in regular contact with the Hurricane coaching staff and could set it up at any time.
The standout defensive end also plans to take official visits to Alabama, Florida St., and LSU at some point and with the fifth visit he is looking towards the west coast.
"I have another school - USC," Williams said. "I haven't talked with them in awhile but Shawn Howe the line coach knows I want to take an official there because I couldn't take an unofficial in the summer because of the finanaces.
"I've said I'm not going to make my decision until I take all five of my official visits. That's when I'll know what school I truly want to go to. I told them USC is going to be right there. I want to take an official there. I want to see how the Pac 12 atmosphere."
Williams has yet to schedule any official visits, but does have his eye on an unofficial visit this weekend.
"I'm going to take an unofficial visit to LSU this weekend," Williams said. "I'm going to see those guys play Washington so that's going to be a pretty good game."
At this point Williams knows he will have great opportunities regardless of the program he chooses.
"A lot of schools talk about me coming in, and how I'm a great pass rusher and if I come into their program they can make me into one of the elite pass rushers in college football," Williams said. "I just look at all these opportunities and I know out of those top five schools I just named they have a great defensive line coach and overall great coaches surrounding me.
"I'm going to get to work anywhere I go it's just about me experiencing what I want to experience and what I love. Whatever decision I make I know within those five schools I have a good enough relationship with that coach to know he's going to put me in the right area."
Williams is currently ranked No. 36 in the Rivals100 and considered one of the nation's top weakside defensive ends. Williams and his University High teammates won their first game of the 2012 season with a 42-14 win over East Ascension on Sunday.