Williams gets offer from one of his favorites

The Steve Williams offer check is beginning to be a daily routine at Dallas (Texas) Skyline high school. Just a day after picking up offers from Kansas and Kentucky, Williams picked up an offer from a program he had been hoping to hear from: Oklahoma State.
"My coach told me to call them," Williams said. "He didn't know they'd offered me yet either then I was just talking to them on the phone and he was saying that they liked my film and that they were gonna go ahead and offer me."
The recruiting coach that Williams spoke to was Coach Luper and the OK State staff has a familiarity with the Skyline program already. 2008 Skyline outside linebacker Alfred Dupree recently signed with the Cowboys in February.
"[Luper] sounded pretty cool," said the speedy defensive back. "He wanted me to come down there on Wednesday with Alfred for their practice. I'll probably go down there with Alfred."
Williams had been quietly hoping that Oklahoma State would come in with an offer for some time and he was thrilled to get his wish.
"I like that they play in the Big 12," he said. "They get a lot of TV time as far as playing Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas all of those schools."
He also said that having a teammate there doesn't hurt. However that won't be the main factor in his decision.
"Having Alfred there helps a lot as far as getting introduced to the coaching staff and stuff. I like Oklahoma State. I'd like to go play with Alfred he's a pretty cool guy. They got a pretty good program and they had a pretty good recruiting class too. They didn't get too many DBs so I guess that's why they offered me."
Williams also has four teammates who signed to play up North at Minnesota, where he also holds an offer from.
"Minnesota, it's kind of cold up there," he said. "I'd go up to Minnesota up there cause all my guys are up there but that's not gonna make my decision for me."
In addition to the seven offers already in tow for Williams, Kansas State and Arizona remain the two schools that he has the most interest in. He also would like to hear from Ohio State.
"I like Ohio State too," he said. "That'd be cool if they came down and recruited me. Ted Ginn went there. Before he played wide receiver he was a cornerback and he was one of the number one corners in the nation. Now he's in the NFL and that shows me something."
Along with a possible visit to Oklahoma State, Williams is considering a visit to Miami on March 29 for the Hurricanes' Spring Game.