Will this be the week for Reuland

Mission Viejo (Calif.) tight end Konrad Reuland narrowed his list of colleges down to three a few weeks ago and after taking an official visit to USC last weekend and having all three favorites in the home, he's getting closer to making a decision.
Reuland, 6-6, 240 pounds has Notre Dame, USC and UCLA leading the way but it sounds like two of the three may have moved slightly ahead. The athlete took his visit to Notre Dame back in November and was at USC last weekend.
"USC was an official visit but it was a real short one," Reuland said. "I had my game Friday night and then had to leave early Sunday morning so I was mostly there on Saturday. Mark (Sanchez) was my host and I had a good time seeing how the team prepares for a game and just being around the players.

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"I've been to USC a lot of times already and know the campus and everything about it already. So it wasn't a case of learning anything new but like I said, just watching how fired up the players get and how strong the team is and how well everyone gets along was really good to see. After watching that game, it's pretty evident that USC is on a different level than UCLA and just about everyone else as well.
"They have such a strong coaching staff and the players really compete hard. I'm not going to base my whole decision on one game but I have to admit, that game did move USC up and dropped UCLA down a little. Both are great schools and have a lot to offer and that's why this has been such a tough decision.
"If I had to name a leader right now, I would say Notre Dame is a little out in front but it's close. I'm just really stressed out right now with everything. I really want to get this done with but I don't want to rush my decision until I'm completely sold on what I should do. I had all three schools in for home visits already and know enough about each school to make my decision. It's just a matter of taking this next week to really think everything over.
"I really think this week is the week I'll make my decision. I'm still not sure how I'll announce it. ESPN has talked about doing something and I could also do something at the school, I'm just not sure. I think it would be fun to do something like that but like I said, until I know where I'm going, it's kind of premature to talk about how I'll announce."