Will Reed open his recruitment up

In all the speculation centering around quarterback Ben Olson, it’s easy to forget what impact he’ll have on the other signal callers currently committed to the schools he’s looking at. One such quarterback is Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds Kyle Reed who is strongly considering opening up his recruitment.
Reed, 6-2, 195 pounds committed to the Bears way back in the summer without taking any other trips.
“The main reason he committed so early was because Cal told him if he committed, he would be the only quarterback they would take other than the JC kid (Joseph Ayoob),” McClymonds coach Alonzo Carter said. “All of a sudden, in the last couple of weeks, we’ve been hearing a lot about Ben Olson and how he might be coming out for a visit.

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“I talked to Coach Tedford and Coach Tedford also called Kyle last night because Kyle was really disappointed. Coach Tedford explained to me that when Kyle committed, he said he wouldn’t take another high school quarterback. I read where Olson has four years to play four next year so he might as well be a high school quarterback in my eyes. Tedford told Kyle that he’s his guy and he belongs at Cal. Told him how he has been recruiting Kyle since his sophomore year and things like that but I know Kyle is still a little hurt right now.
“Kyle has no problem with competing, I mean, there’s going to be quarterbacks wherever you go but it’s kind of a trust issue right now. We know about Ben and how good he’s supposed to be, how he was the top guy in the country three years ago. If he were to choose Cal, that would really shake things up. Even now with him likely coming in for a visit, I know I need to get on the phone and start making some calls to some other schools.
“I just have to look out for Kyle in all this and make sure he’s going to the right situation and Kyle feels the same way. Kyle’s final choices along with Cal were Oregon and UCLA and ironically enough, those are the schools in it for Olson too. So I’m going to go ahead and make some calls, call those schools and a few others to let them know what is going on and I know they will be very receptive because Kyle is an outstanding player.”