Will Morgan follow brother to NC State

Two years ago, Dajuan Morgan from Riveria Beach (Fla.) Suncoast signed with NC State. What many may not remember is that he was committed to Ohio State at one point and every major program in the country wanted him.
Early in his senior year, he was in a tragic car accident and was badly injured. That caused many schools to back off him, but he eventually went on to sign with the Wolfpack.
Little brother DeAndre Morgan now will step into the limelight of the recruiting world.
"Right now I am hearing from Miami, N.C. State, Boston College, Indiana and South Florida," Morgan said. "Miami and South Florida are the ones that are recruiting me the hardest, I get stuff from them pretty much every day. Florida State was sending me a lot of stuff, but I haven't gotten anything from them in a while, so I don't if they are still interested or not."
The 5-foot-11, 160-pound Morgan runs the 40-yard dash in 4.44 seconds, has a 4.2 second shuttle and a 31-inch vertical jump.
"Right now Miami, NC State and South Florida are my top schools," Morgan said. "Florida State was in there, but I haven't been hearing a lot from them lately. There is still plenty of time for them or anyone else to get in there and get on my list though. My oldest brother plays for Central Florida and Dajuan is up at NC State so I am getting a lot of advice from them. The thing that they have both told me is to weigh out all of my options and take my time."
As a junior, Morgan led his team, which split time between five different running backs, in rushing with 500 yards and he also had over 200 yards receiving. Defensively he collected 30 tackles, blocked three punts and had three interceptions.
"I would really like to be able to stay close to home if possible, but if not, then that is fine," Morgan said. "I am just for a place where I am comfortable. I would want to make sure that I would be comfortable going there even if I didn't have football. When I talk to Dajuan he just tells me to stay focused and don't let all the recruiting stuff become a distraction and throw me off the path."
Morgan split time between running back, wide receiver, cornerback, safety and kick returner on his high school team as a junior. His position in college is likely to be a little bit more clear cut.
"My main positin is running back and cornerback, but I am probably going to end up playing cornerback in college," Morgan said. "I will play wherever, I just feel like that is my best position and where I could make the biggest impact the earliest."