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Will Kendricks stay home

The trend always has been that Wisconsin players almost always end up at Wisconsin. Sure several kids would sneak away to other powerhouses every once in a while, but year after year the Badgers would keep the top talent at home.
That then leads the question on whether or not Wisconsin will be able to keep LSU, Arkansas and maybe Oklahoma away from four-star receiver Lance Kendricks.
"I wouldn't say (Wisconsin) is my top team right now," Kendricks, a four-star player that is ranked as the No. 32 receiver in the nation, said. "They are right there with LSU as my top team, then Arkansas is a little bit behind them. Oklahoma is starting to get into it a little bit, too. I've talked to them and they want me to make an official down to there."
From what Kendricks is thinking, he said he could be very interested in an Oklahoma offer if one came.
"From what I hear I like them," Kendricks said. "I like the whole passing game idea, but the team isn't very good this year. Coaches don't really talk much about it. They just kind of say some mistakes were made and stuff. But Oklahoma could probably get into it with me. I think so, I think so."
"I don't have a visit set with Oklahoma right now, but I do have one set up with Arkansas for November 4th. I kind of expect Oklahoma to offer me pretty soon and then I'll set up an official visit to see them at that time, probably."
He is also tentatively scheduled to visit Wisconsin on December 10 and LSU on October 21. He spent a lot of time this past weekend watching both the Wisconsin and LSU games.
"I watched the Wisconsin game and a little of the LSU game," Kendricks said. "I don't know what was up with Wisconsin's defense. I don't want to say it stinks, but it's definitely not as good as it should be. They should be a lot better. I heard they had injuries on defense and stuff, though."
Kendricks said he would like to end the process some time before the start of the next year.
"I want to have the recruiting process over around Christmas," he said.
Lance Kendricks VideoClick "I will probably have all my visits done by then. All the schools I'm looking at are pretty much at the same football caliber. They're good solid programs so after that I am really just going to look for how comfortable I feel around the players and the campus. You know, how well I get to know people. Distance won't really be a factor for me."Here to view this Link.