Will Clemson lose Florida running back

Ben Axon is a running back prospect from the state of Florida that has made his commitment to Clemson. It was a big get for the Tigers. Earlier today, Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden resigned. The news surprised Axon. Is he still committed to the Tigers?
"I heard what happened today to coach Bowden," said Axon. "I know coach (Brad) Scott called me earlier but I was doing my homework and I have not had a chance to call him back. Other than that I am still with Clemson and they are still No. 1 with me. That's how I have treated everything since I committed to them back in June."
For Axon, his early decision was less about Tommy Bowden and more about the school itself and the Tiger tradition at running back.

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"It (Bowden's resignation) doesn't affect me at this time and now I just want to see how they handle the situation. I am waiting to see who they hire and the type of offense they want to run. If they change too much I will probably not go to Clemson. I mean I really based my commitment to them based more on the school then the coach. But I do like their tradition and (offensive) style. Those two traits were intriguing to me. I loved how they used their running backs."
So where does he stand now with the entire situation?
"Like I said, Clemson is still No. 1 and I will wait and see what happens with the coaching staff, who they bring in and what kind of offense they run. In the meantime, I am keeping my options open and I still plan on taking my visits. I am pretty sure I will visit West Virginia, Purdue and South Carolina. Florida State has inquired about me and I know West Virginia is coming by tomorrow.
"Right now I want to play it smart, one day at a time."
Axon, 6-1 and 196 pounds, plays for Bradenton (Fla.) Manatee High School. This season he has rushed for 470 yards and nine touchdowns in six games. His team is 4-2 and they play Sarasota (Fla.) Riverview this weekend.
"I am not putting up the numbers I thought but we are playing well as an offense and spreading the ball around to our playmakers. We have four division one players and they are all skilled guys."