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Wilks looks towards official visits

The summer is coming to a close for three-star wide receiver Rodriguez Wilks. The Smyrna, Tenn. prospect now is looking towards official visits this season. Has he scheduled anything yet?
"Recruiting has really slowed down since coaches can't text message anymore," he said. "I'll still give the coaches a call once in awhile, but mostly I'm just thinking about officials. I've got to set dates and go to some games. I'm planning to take all five officials during the season."
Before he can schedule trips, Wilks needs to narrow his list a bit.
"I haven't narrowed it yet, but I can tell you I'm looking at schools like Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio State, Louisville, Kentucky and Georgia Tech to name a few. They have all offered me," he stated. "I like those schools because they all know how to play football, throw the ball and are well coached."
Meanwhile, the No. 53 wide receiver in the country is getting ready for the season.
"Three-a-days started last week and our first game is on Saturday, August 25th," he said. "Our team is practicing hard and we've got a lot of work to do. I'm working with our backup quarterback who is pretty good since our starter is going to baseball.
"I'm working on getting my timing down and focusing on technique and my route running. I'm really improving on all that stuff."