Wilkes has a great trip to Stanford

Three-star offensive guard Khalil Wilkes took his second official visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-3, 285-pounder out of Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep headed west to Stanford.
"It was really, really great," he said. "It was my second time going out there and this was probably the better visit since I was familiar with everything. I knew everything about it and it was their biggest weekend for officials this year.
"There were a lot of committed players and uncommitted guys. We all had a great time and the committed guys did a great job communicating to us."

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Wilkes arrived on the visit a bit early.
"I actually got there on Thursday by myself," he said. "Then on Friday morning I caught all the festivities and got to talk to some of the commitments.
"The next day I went on my recruiting trip. I went through the whole school. It's a beautiful campus and I got to meet the faculty and professors. I talked to some students and got a whole view of the school, not just athletics, it was more from an academic standpoint. Then on Sunday I left."
On the trip, Wilkes was hosted by Andrew Phillips.
"That was one of the things I really liked about the visit," he said. "There wasn't people just from the West Coast or East Coast, there were people from all around the world.
"I talked to a lot of players including some guys from Jersey. Andrew told me no matter where you go you'll be away from home and if there's a place you can be, it's definitely Stanford because it's a good school and a good support system."
Of course, the No. 15 prospect in Jersey also talked to the coaches.
"The coaches from Stanford have always been good to me through the process," he said. "I talked to Coach Dalman and watched film and schemes and talked about their depth chart. I got to talk to Coach Harbaugh for a bit too. A lot of people were asking him about going to the NFL. He said he'll be with Stanford.
"Coach Harbaugh is great. He's very enthusiastic, fun and always happy. He jokes around. They had a formal on the last day there and he was on the dance floor. It was great, he's a great guy."
One other aspect helped Wilkes on the visit.
"It was about 70 degrees there, that helps a lot too. I'm a Jersey guy and you never see that in the winter time."
The No. 21 offensive guard in the country will take one more visit this week.
"I'm visiting Wake Forest this weekend," he said. "That should be my last visit. After that I should be ready to make a decision maybe even next week.
"I want to see a little more about the school. I have seen it once. The biggest thing, I want to meet the other commits from Wake Forest and see how they are."
Wilkes confirmed he is down to Rutgers, Stanford and Wake Forest.