Wildcats still top Boss list

Cherryvale, Kan. offensive lineman Matt Boss continues to think about his upcoming decision, but he has taken a little time off from the process.
"Matt has not made any kind of a decision," Boss' mother Louise said. "He has been helping his uncle with harvest and some other work lately. That has been taking the most of his time, so he hasn't had a lot of time to think about it, I suppose."
Earlier the 6-foot-5, 298-pound tackle had been leaning to the in-state Wildcats.

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"He is still favoring K-State," she said. "At least that was the last I heard. He just hasn't been around much to talk to about the whole process right now. Oklahoma is still in his thoughts too. The only thing I can say for certain is that a decision has not been made."
Both schools offer the No. 2 rated player in Kansas a lot of positives.
"Oklahoma has everything set up really nice down there," Matt Boss said after returning from both school's camps last month.. "It's all real close together and it doesn't take much to get around. At K-State the coaches are nice and positive. They always have time for me and come by and say hi when I'm up there."
The nation's No. 87 rated player by Rivals.com does not have a time frame set for making a decision either.
"He does not have a date set that he has to make a decision," Louise Boss said. "I know he would like to have it done before his season is over this fall. But that is quite a ways out there. I think the time off from thinking about it all the time will be a good thing for him. He was pretty worried about it for a while and we told him not to worry about it and to take his time. There is no reason to rush it."