Wiegers close to a decision

Following last month's de-commitment from Rutgers, Detroit Country Day quarterback Tyler Wiegers made an official visit to Iowa and, just this past weekend, a trip to check out Ivy League program Penn.
"It was a good visit and I had a good time," Wiegers said. "As far as the academic side, obviously the Ivy League is very good and you're not going to get any better of that. It was really cool to see that aspect of it and the doors that are opened up to you after [graduation].
"Then, checking out the football end of it was good to see. It is good to compare it to Iowa, and now I can make a decision. I can compare pros and cons of what I want to have in a college experience."
Although he is not necessarily ruling out any teams that may inquire about him before a decision is made, Wiegers has narrowed his focus to just Iowa and Penn.
"I plan on making a decision soon," Wiegers said. "It will be a lot [of discussion] with my family and just what they think and where I'll be happy. Then, I'll be talking with my high school coaches because I really respect them a lot and their input."
Wiegers also plans to have additional discussions with coaches at Penn and Iowa in the coming days to get final questions answered. Iowa's Phil Parker was in-school and in-home with Wiegers each of the last two weeks before the dead period started on Monday.
"Coach Parker is great," Wiegers said. "He has been recruiting our area for awhile now, so our head coach knows him well."
Iowa picked up a commitment from class of 2015 quarterback Jack Beneventi earlier this month, and Wiegers was able to discuss how that affected his recruitment with the Iowa coaches.
"I talked to Coach [Greg] Davis right after [Beneventi] committed," Wiegers said. "He called me up and said 'I wanted to let you know first-hand,' and he said it doesn't change my position at all. We're still the same as far as recruiting goes.
"My view on it, I feel wherever you go you're going to have competition so you have to go in and work your butt of, be able to absorb the information and apply it. I don't think it is going to change anything for me."
In Iowa and Penn, Wiegers has two distinctly different options and that does not make the process any easier according to the four-star quarterback.
"I would say it actually makes it harder," Wiegers said. "With two Big Ten schools you are going to have a comparable football experience and academic experience, so you can go with the one where you feel you're going to be more comfortable or have more success."
"With this, they both have great opportunities, but they are different opportunities. It's just tough to try and decide what is going to be the best for you and your goals going forward. I think I can be successful at both places, it just depends what I want my future to look like."