Who gets the last shot at Tebow

Schools are now jostling for position when it comes to in-home visits for Saint Augustine (Fla.) Nease quarterback Tim Tebow as his decision date of Dec. 13 quickly approaches. Some coaches have already made their final in-home pitches while others will do their best to make an impression early next week. So who will get the last shot at Tebow?
"Coach Carroll from USC was in today and we had a good talk," Tebow said late Wednesday night, the last time he expected to talk to reporters until his game was over Saturday. "We just talked about the offense there and the things I could do. I really loved it out there on my visit and they're a school I am seriously considering. I know the distance is far, but we've talked about that and would make it work. It was a good visit with him."
Thursday Lloyd Carr from Michigan was expected in to see Tebow at practice and he and his family were leaving Thursday night for Miami where his team will take on Armwood for the state title. Who else has made a trip?
"Coach Meyer from Florida was here last Friday for his visit," said the 6-foot-3, 217-pounder. "That went good as well. We talked about the quarterback situation and I'm obviously very familiar with the school and everyone. Coach Miles from LSU is coming in on Sunday and then Monday night coach Shula from Alabama is coming in.
"We're going to try to shut it down after that if we can and get together as a family and try to make a decision. I'm sure I'll get calls that night and on Tuesday morning and I might speak to a few coaches of the schools I decide not to choose, but I'm not sure how we'll do it yet."
Tebow will announce his decision on ESPNews at 5:10PM EST on Tuesday. With head coaches making their final pitch, what are they saying?
"They're really just telling me how much they'd like to have me in their program and how they think I could succeed," he said. "They talk about the offense, quarterback situation and all that and they also just talk about school in general. They all know I haven't made my mind up yet but they also know I'm not deciding until Tuesday so it's not like they ask me to commit on the spot. It's just nice to get any final questions answered."
And what will it come down to as far as a decision? Will it be more about football or more about people?
"That's a really good question," he said. "I'd say the first factor for me is to choose a school where I can develop the best as a quarterback. I would like to go someplace where I feel they can make me the best player I can be and give me the best chance at reaching my dream of becoming an NFL quarterback. The offense, how I fit in it, how they work with quarterbacks and everything like that.
"After that it will be about the people, mostly the coaches and the players I have had the chance to meet. I think this goes along with the football portion because I'll be spending a lot of time with coaches and teammates and I want to pick the best situation for being comfortable and having a good four or five years. I need to feel comfortable with the head coach and the offensive coaches and feel that the commitment to winning is strong."
Tebow said telling coaches thanks but no thanks will be tough.
"That will be the hardest part I think," he said. "I've met some great people and have a good relationship with all of the coaches so it won't be easy. I'll probably decide and I will be sure to call everyone I hadn't talked to already to thank them."
Then it's recruiting time.
"After my decision is over I'll be picking up the phone and working on recruiting some players," he said. "Obviously I'd like to have as much talent around me as I can get so I'll do what I can to help."
And is this simply a Florida vs. Alabama decision?
"No sir, it's not," he said. "Honestly I am still considering all five of the schools and I doubt I'll narrow it down until Monday night. I'm excited about the decision and I'm glad I took my time in this process because it's been great. But I don't have an idea just yet where I'm going."
For now the focus is still on the state title.
"My teammates and I want to go out winners," he said. "I want to focus on things Thursday and Friday and win the title on Saturday. That's as important as anything to me."