Whittaker looking to be schools best ever

PEARLAND, Texas - There are a couple of Division I prospects already at Pearland High School in offensive lineman Alan Pelc who is committed to Houston and a fast rising defensive back Justan Vaughn. One name to remember is a talented junior running back Foswhitt Whittaker.
Coach Tony Heath calls Whittaker a versatile prospect who can be used at a number of different positions on the offense. From wide receiver to running back, the 5-foot-10, 170-pound junior prospect is already receiving the name of one of the top juniors in the state.
"I really don't pay attention to what people say about how good I am," Whittaker said about his already growing attention. "Making my team better is the most important thing and just like I did last years as a sophomore, that's what I want to do in my junior year."

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Coach Heath said what makes his running back great is not just about 40-yard dash times, agility, or athleticism. It all starts with his upbringing and off-the-field demeanor.
"He's a great young man of great character that comes from a great family," Heath said about his junior running back. "When you ask about a player, that's what scores the most points with me and what I list off first if it is the case. It's the case with Whittaker."
"Aside from his great character, he's also very fluid. You can put him out at receiver or he can be that slashing type of running back that a lot of teams would love to have."
Those teams or college programs that would love to have Whittaker must wait because this young man is not ready to think about recruiting.
"It's not on my mind at this time," Whittaker said. "When that time comes, I'll think about teams and who I like and all that. My focus is this team and what we have ahead of us."
Though he doesn't want to think about the recruiting process to come, many expect Whitaker to be a very highly recruited player as his high career continues.
As for now, Whittaker is just a part of a very talented Pearland team.
"We're coming together as a team and we're following our goal to win state," he said.
Whittaker totaled 1,278 yards and nine touchdowns as a sophomore at Pearland.