Whitfield waiting for offers

BELLFLOWER, Calif. - Kodi Whitfield was one of the best wide receivers at Sunday's 1925 All-Stars tryout but the Los Angeles Loyola prospect still has no offers. There is lots of interest but no teams have gone that extra step yet.
That could change by the start of his senior season.
Whitfield had 31 receptions for 440 yards and five touchdowns in his junior season, average numbers but the back story is more important. The 6-foot-1, 178-pound recruit would have had much bigger numbers if quarterback Jerry Neuheisel didn't go down with an injury early in the season.

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That negatively affected Whitfield's numbers but through the spring and summer camp circuit, the Loyola standout is trying to prove he's offer-worthy.
"These camps are very important," Whitfield said. "Jerry went down and my situation at Loyola hasn't been stable for the last two years so I've just been trying to get out there and get exposure and get schools to notice me."
UCLA, Stanford, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma and others are showing interest in Whitfield, whose father, Bob, played at Stanford and for the Atlanta Falcons. That means Whitfield is definitely interested in the Cardinal or possibly returning to the SEC to play his college ball.
"I think I'll really end up in the Pac-10 or the SEC," Whitfield said. "I was born in Atlanta. My dad played for the Falcons and so I was really around a lot of football in Georgia.
"I've been down to Athens and I really like Georgia. If I stayed Pac-10 it would probably be UCLA or Stanford. My dad went there so that's an influence."
The Bruins are on his list as well. With Neuheisel there and an already solid relationship with coach Rick Neuheisel, UCLA is definitely under strong consideration. Now Whitfield is just waiting for some offers.
"There is very high interest there," Whitfield said of UCLA. "Rick being at Loyola to see Jerry, we had a couple conversations here and there and Jerry is also doing his own little recruiting trying to sway me to go there."