Whitehouse has another WR to watch

Whitehouse, Texas is home to class of 2011 five-star wide receiver Trey Metoyer. However, the Wildcats have more than just the Oklahoma commit putting up big numbers in their receiving corps.
Junior wideout Jonathan Aldridge caught 81 passes for 1,417 yards and 17 touchdowns this year. The 6-foot, 175-pound prospect was actually the last one to see this strong campaign coming.
"I was only up for one game on varsity last year and I didn't get any catches," Aldridge said. "I moved back down to JV. It surprised me how well I did this year, to be honest. I didn't think I'd put up the numbers I did. I knew I'd help the team in some way and I was just trying to do as much as I could.

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"Teams would double-cover and triple-cover [Metoyer]. That opened up some opportunities for me and a few other receivers on the team. It was good for us to have more weapons other than just Trey.
"I think (my stats this year) will cause some schools to look my way. The only thing I can do is keep working hard in the offseason, though."
A couple programs have already taken notice of Aldridge, though.
"I've been getting letters from Oklahoma since the start of the season," he said. "That's really about it right now. We've also sent my highlight to tape to Texas A&M and coach (Randy) Jordan. He's going to get a look at it and see how he likes it."
Aldridge's older brother, senior three-star safety Quincy Aldridge, has several offers of his own. The younger brother wouldn't mind continuing to play on the same team.
"I would like to play with him," he said. "That's my brother and I'd like to be able to go where he goes so my mom will have somewhere to go. If he and I are together, then she won't just have to stay down here and watch the games on TV. She can just go wherever we are."
Aldridge says a few schools stand out at the moment, including a Big Ten programming that is also recruiting his brother.
"I'm hoping Oklahoma offers," he said. "I'd also like it if Illinois did. Quincy has talked to the Illinois coaches on occasion and he says that they will start recruiting me here real soon.
"I've also talked to coach Jordan at A&M a few times. I talked to him last year when I went down there on a visit with Quincy."
With Whitehouse having been eliminated from the playoffs last week, Aldridge has moved on to a couple other sports.
"I play basketball and run track," Aldridge said. "I do the sprint relay and the 100 (meter dash). My best time last year was a 10.75. My speed is my best asset but I can do more than that. A lot of people like to think that I'm just speed but I can catch, I can jump and I can do anything."