Whiley formulating specifics

Tyler Whiley is hesitant to ask in absolutes. His plans for visits, his favorite schools, his timetable; it's all a work in progress.
A four-star athlete who plays both wide receiver and cornerback, Whiley currently holds 11 scholarship offers. There are big names among them. Oklahoma as offered. As has Tennessee. Arizona State, Arizona, Michigan State and Washington have made things official as well.
According to him, though. There is nothing to separate the teams lined up at his door. He plays the no-favorites card with precision. For now, he's content to wait and see what develops.

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"I'm waiting on a few other schools to see if they pull the trigger or not before I start planning any summer visits," Whiley said on Wednesday. "Like, Oregon, [California], Boise State and USC.
He names no favorites and is equally as reserved when the topic becomes a timetable for a decision. Whiley knows he intends to trim his list eventually. He's not sure when the axe will fall and is only partly positive how many programs will survive the cut.
"I'll probably trim it down, but I'm not sure exactly when. I think I probably want to get it down to five. I'll probably trim it down at the beginning of the season and then take my officials. I'll know after that."
Using lots of words to say nothing is slowly becoming one of Whiley's specialties. It's clear he's no stranger to interview settings. One area in which he does offer a bit of insight, however, deals with relationships. Specifically, which college assistant he's closest with.
"It's probably [Noel] Mazzone at UCLA," Whiley said. "He just knows his stuff and he has a good background. Everything he says, you know is pretty much true because of his background and the past.
"At UCLA, it's the kind of program that is going to be battling for national championships and stuff soon," Whiley said. "It's a good place for people from Arizona. That comes from me talking to guys I know that lived in Arizona and went out there."
At the same time, though, he's not discounting the local the school. Both Arizona and Arizona State occupy unique spots in his heart. And, according to him, each comes with its share of perks.
"I'm considering both a lot. It's hometown. I feel comfortable around Arizona's coaches," Whiley said. "With ASU, I like all the coaches and I like what they are doing with the program and all that."
Whiley, who says he has not ruled out a single school to this point, caught 36 passes for 610 yards and 10 touchdowns as a junior at Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral. He also made 49 tackles and intercepted a pair of passes, one of which he returned 69 yards.