While in Texas, Moore monitors UCLA

SAN ANTONIO - It seemed many players that arrived at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio were a bit overwhelmed by the seemingly endless set of tasks before they could officially get ready to start playing some football. One player who didn't even flinch was Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey four-star defensive back Rahim Moore.
"I'm really just ready to come out here and have fun, but also I'm on a business trip. I want to just go out there and play hard and prove myself to everybody that I am one of these types of All-Americans," Moore said.
It's been a big week for Moore after the hiring of Rick Neuheisel and now his trip to San Antonio.
While Neuheisel now in charge of the Bruins, it seems that it will take the recruitment of a current UCLA coach to help Moore stay firm with Neuheisel and staff.
"First we were kind of on standby, but now they have a new head coach. I feel that me and my parents need to talk and then make a final decision on Wednesday. If DeWayne Walker stays and things work out then I'll be there, if Dwayne Walker leaves I might have to consider something else. I'm just going to continue my trips either way," he said. "I'm going to stay committed until I find out what is elsewhere.
"Once I find the news on coach Walker I'll make my final decision."
Moore's visits consist of North Carolina (Jan. 11), Arizona (Jan. 18), and Texas on Jan. 25. He says that he already has some familiarity with each school and has something that stands out about each.
"I met the (North Carolina) coaching staff and they are very loyal and genuine, and they are an up and coming program," he said. "With Arizona it's coach (Mike) Stoops and his background with his family in coaching, he is a good coach too.
"Texas is known for putting out great defensive backs, and with their past and background; I would love to be part of that.
"I want to talk to the guys from each school and see what their point of view is, then I can try to make my decision."
Moore says his trips are back-up plan so that even if Walker is retained he can have a secondary option if something else should go wrong.
Interestlingly he says his thought process all along was to leave California.
"Really my intention was to leave California. I'm very outgoing so I wanted to go out and explore the world," he said. "The thing is I really feel comfortable with UCLA, they'd been on me since I was in high school. Also I have my grandmother on a oxygen tank and I'd like her to be able to see me play."