Which Army player has been the most fun

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SAN ANTONIO - The U.S. Army All-American Bowl brings the best of the best from around the nation to one place and as a result there are often a diverse mix of personalities.
Over the course of the week all of those personalities begin to shine as players and coaches get to know each other. The week also gives the Rivals.com Analysts a chance to get to know the different players as interviews are conducted and of course there are always a few who grab your attention.

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TODAY'S QUESTION: Who has been the most fun player to be around?
Here's what the Rivals.com Analysts had to say:
Chris Martin, I really haven't had much of a chance to talk to him before this week. He's an engaging guy. He's mature. He seems like an adult. He's always looking for a reason to laugh. He's a good story teller as well. I think he's been a lot of fun.
Then Sharrif Floyd, just because you feel like he would rather be killing people on the football field. He's always wired and ready to go. He's funny but also has kind of an intense persona to him.
I like Marcus Lattimore. I was talking to him a little bit this week and he's got a good personality. He's a great character kid, a lot of fun. There's Tony Jefferson, he sort of tells you what it's about and doesn't take himself too seriously. Sharrif Floyd of course is probably in there, and J.R. Ferguson. Those two guys are so intense but at the same time can turn it off off the field and have some fun and joke around with you a little bit. Those are kind of the guys who stand out to me as the most fun.
I'd never really talked to him before this week but after talking to Reggie Wilson that guy is just a lot of fun. He's just a great personality, a lot of positive energy. He's a very interesting guy to talk to as well just because of his background and his football history and I think just talking to him he's the type of guy you'd like to see be successful.
I think if you're looking for a quote machine, a guy who's just genuinely liked by different people and is never shy of sharing his opinion it would have to be Chris Martin. I don't think the kid has met a person he doesn't like. He isn't afraid to talk smack but then also isn't afraid to walk up and give the guy a hug the second after he talks his smack. He always has a smile on his face. It doesn't hurt that he's also a pretty good football player. I just like being around him because he's a quote machine and he's going to be a success probably in life even if things don't work out on the football field.
Jeffrey Whitaker came here excited and happy about representing not only Warner Robins High School but the state of Georgia . Whitaker has given 110 percent and is a beast on the field but a happy, gentle giant off the field. He is probably the most humble and honest kid I have met this year.
Jake Heaps had all kinds of offers and accolades very early in his career, but none of it has ever gone to his head. His not arrogant or cocky, and would befriend anybody regardless of race, religion, or ability to play football. He is willing to learn new things in the game of football and always has a smile on his face. There is no doubt his parent did a tremendous job raising him to become a productive adult.