Wheres the love for Ugoh

Tony Ugoh of Spring (Texas) Westfield is an offensive tackle that might have as much upside as anyone in Texas, but yet seems to keep going unmentioned compared to other lineman.
Ugoh is a guy that recruiting fans know about but somehow seem to leave out of a lot of debates on great offensive lineman.
"I talk to coaches more than anybody else, and I don't hear from a lot of recruiting guys,” he said. “I'm not complaining about that though. I like talking to the coaches and then focus on my team we are doing really well."
Ugoh, the nation's No. 10 tackle, said he hasn't even begun to worry about recruiting.
"We are 5-1 and undefeated in district, and we look like we are going to win it, so I just want to focus on that," he said.
"I haven't even narrowed my list I really am wide open if I were to give you a list of my favorite schools I would have to list to you all of my offers."
Ugoh said as soon as his season over his full attention will go to recruiting.
Florida and Oklahoma remain two schools that he said he wants to visit for sure. While Texas, USC, Alabama, Texas A&M, Arkansas and UCLA are the other teams on his long list.