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Where will top prospect Najee Harris land: Michigan or Alabama?

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Five-star and top-rated prospect Najee Harris’ future remains shrouded in mystery this week at the Army All-American Bowl, because he has decided not to discuss whether he will end up at Alabama or Michigan.

He’s been committed to Alabama for more than a year but recently said he’s still considering both programs and will leave the Army game and show up on one of the campuses this weekend.

It has been a bizarre recruitment for Harris, who might also return home to California before heading off to college. At this point, no one knows for sure.

But there are some hints out there. A group of analysts take a shot here at what they think will transpire and why in Harris’ recruitment over the next few days.


National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell: Alabama

"I've always felt Harris would stick to his commitment to Alabama in the end even with the temptation and strong push from Michigan. It's never been a done deal and he's hard to read, but in this case I'd have to err on the side of caution and say he ends up in Tuscaloosa based on everything I've heard. Of course my intel could be good news for Michigan fans who remember my missed call on another former No. 1 prospect named D'Shawn Hand. Whenever he ends up he has star potential for so many reasons."

National Recruiting Analyst Adam Gorney: Alabama

“Anyone who says they are certain what Harris is going to do after the Army All-American Bowl is misleading you because no one – even some of those who have been closest to him – know what’s happening at this moment.

There seem to be three schools of thought: 1. Harris will leave after the Army game and go directly to Alabama; 2. Harris will leave after the Army game and go directly to Michigan; or 3. Harris will leave after the Army game and go back to California, gather his belongings and then head out to one of those places.

It still seems unclear to a lot of people what’s going to happen and Harris has been less that helpful this week clearing up his situation. For someone who seems not to like talking about himself or the recruiting process, Harris is sure keeping his final decision shrouded in mystery. Why he just doesn’t come out and say where he’s going is only a question he can answer. From talking to people, it doesn’t even seem like the people at Alabama or Michigan are all that sure.

There were reports that Harris would be on the same flight as Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa to Birmingham after the all-star game and that the two would be roommates. That could still be the case, but there were rumors Thursday that Harris is going back to California first.

Who knows? No one except maybe Harris. My guess is that this all turns out to be much ado about nothing and Harris is playing for the Crimson Tide next season."

Texas Recruiting Analyst Nick Krueger: Michigan

“I think Harris ends up at Michigan for a couple of reasons, but from a fundamental outside perspective, the personality he's shown at Army Bowl functions and practices seems to fall in line closer to the more boisterous Jim Harbaugh rather than Nick Saban. I think when you read between the lines a little more with some of the recruiting decisions being made by coaching staffs and other players, things also seem to me like they point more toward Harris ultimately choosing Michigan.”