Where will Charles Brown play

One of the most talked about players at the recent Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison passing tournament this past Saturday was Pomona (Calif.) Diamond Ranch athlete Charles Brown. At 6-6, 250 pounds, Brown was an imposing figure running routes as a tight end but looked very good doing it as well.
We've said for months that Brown, despite his claims he wants to play tight end in college, is best suited for the offensive line at the next level. After watching him last Saturday, we still feel that way but that's not to say he's not a very good looking player at the position right now.
When we project a player for the college level, we always take in to account the fact that the player will get a lot bigger and stronger once he gets in to a serious weight program and continues to physically mature. Looking at Brown and how big he already is, it's tough to envision he won't be about 290 pounds in a couple of years with ease. Brown actually looks skinny at 250 because he's so lean. You just don't see too many 6-6, 280 pound tight ends running around and with Browns great athleticism, you have to think his upside as a future left tackle if off the charts.

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Saying all this, Brown had a very good day catching the rock at the passing tournament. In fact, he was the talk of the tourney after his first game where he made several nice catches and was able to run away from much smaller defensive backs. There's no doubt Brown is an excellent high school tight end and probably could play the position in college if he stayed the same size and increased his speed by a fraction.
"I would also play on the defensive line in college but I really like tight end," Brown said. "I just have fun playing the position and I'm looking forward to playing it this year. I played on the offensive line last year so this will be the first time I get to play tight end in a game. All the schools talking to me right now have all said I'll get a look at tight end.
"USC is still my top school but I'm not ready to make a decision yet. I also like Arizona, UCLA and Oregon but I think more than likely, I'll stay local and play for one of the Los Angeles schools. That's always been my goal. Right now, I have offers from all of them except UCLA who wants to see me get my grades a bit which I have."
Academically, Brown is claiming a 2.9 GPA and scored a 930 on the SAT.