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Where's Nathaniel Wiggins stand with a decision next month?

We are just over a month away from the day four-star athlete Nathaniel Wiggins will make his college commitment.

Wiggins, a two-way star out of Westlake High in Atlanta turns 18 years old on August 28, and that is the day he will reveal his decision.

Who still has a chance with this All-American?

"I haven't really narrowed it down to just a couple of schools or anything, but I can say Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Florida and USC are five I have on my mind and have been talking to a lot," said Wiggins.

The last time Wiggins made a public announcement about his recruitment was May 5, and on that date, he had the Trojans on top. Not too long before that, Oregon was no. 1 on his list.

Is he still leaning towards schools on the west coast?

"I have always loved the west coast, how they play and the coaches out there are great. I am going into this decision without a leader though. I have had time think about things this summer, I have been talking to coaches from a lot of schools, and I am just staying open without a top school until I commit."

With the decision date about five weeks away, and Wiggins' mind not being made up yet, there will be some big discussions amongst those close to him leading up to August 28.

If he had to commit today, he wouldn't be ready.

"I am still thinking things over and making my decision," said Wiggins. "I am not there yet.

"I am going to keep talking to my mom and dad about things. We are going over the education part, we talk about how the coaches treat the players at the different schools and things like that. I will be having some big talks with family these next few weeks.

"It is a big decision, so we have a lot to talk about and figure out."

The only thing he knows right now is when he will commit. He has an idea of what he is looking for and a small group of schools still in play, so he knows he will be ready.

"I am 100% committing on my birthday. I know that for sure. I am pretty sure it will be one of the schools from Alabama, Florida, LSU, Oregon and USC too.

"I am just going to see who wants me the most, what school fits me the best and where I can go be successful at. I know the day I am committing, now I have to figure out to which school."