Whats next for Marlon Lucky

North Hollywood (Calif.) running back Marlon Lucky took his first official visit this past weekend to Nebraska and according to Husky assistant coach Shawn Kang, the visit really overwhelmed him.
Kang, who doubles as the Huskies running back coach and oversees Lucky’s recruitment told us months ago that he could definitely see his star athlete leave the area if he was really wowed on a visit. The reason being that Lucky is not a SoCal native and isn’t really an ‘L.A guy.’ From the sounds of it, this most recent visit definitely gave Lucky a lot to think about.
“Right now, Marlon is just very tired,” Kang said. “He was jet lagged yesterday so he didn’t practice and since we’re on a year around schedule, he has finals this week so there’s a lot going on. He is really overwhelmed by the whole process and his phone is ringing off the hook at home so he can’t really get away from it. He called me last night and we talked about his visit and what’s next for him.
“He said he really enjoyed the visit and said the team, coaches, fans and the school itself were incredible. He also really liked the Midwest atmosphere, it’s a slower pace compare to Los Angeles and that really fits his personality a lot better. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not he’s ready to commit anywhere. I told him he needs time to process everything. He needs time this week to get back to reality and then we’ll sit down again this weekend and try and sort everything out.
“I do think Nebraska has a slight lead right now over SC with LSU in that third position. He’s going to officially visit SC though, originally he wasn’t going to because it’s so close but he has changed his mind and feels it will be the best way to gauge the two schools by officially visiting both. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he does decide to leave the state but I know he really likes SC a lot too so we’ll just see how things play out.”