Whats next for Baker

Los Angeles (Calif.) Jordan defensive back Antwoine Baker was supposed to officially visit Nebraska two weeks ago when the Huskers hosted Texas. The trip fell through at the last minute and now there is some questions whether the two party's will go their separate ways.
Baker, 6-1, 170 pounds is one of the top defensive backs in the region this year. He plays cornerback at Jordan but we feel he has the size to project as a safety as well in college.
"Antoine has had a very good year," Jordan coach Elijah Asante said. "He's a lockdown corner, that's what he does, no one catches anything on him. I know some people like to compare him and Ricky (Thenarse) and ask who the better player is. In terms of being an all around player and being able to do so many things, you would have to give the edge to Ricky but strictly rating them as cover guys, Antoine is much better in that department."

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Nebraska was one of the first schools to offer Baker and we always believed that was where the athlete would end up. That was prior to his trip being canceled two weeks ago.
"It's an interesting situation," Asante said. "They really aren't recruiting Antoine anywhere near as hard as they recruited Ricky last year. I've asked them about it and they say they still like him but I'm not sure how high of a priority he is for them right now.
"I know they have limited scholarships at the position and it could be a case where they have other players rated high on their board. The reason they gave for canceling his visit was because they want to see his SAT score a little higher but at the same time, Antoine's a lot farther along academically right now than Ricky was at the same stage last year so I'm not sure what's up but we're just going focus on the rest of the season and worry about recruiting when it's over.
"There are no other visits planned with anyone right now. After the season, we'll set those up. He for sure will visit Washington and Arizona State and possibly Mississippi State as well. I'm just trying to let Antoine know you don't always have to go to the biggest school but it's more important to find a place that really wants you and where you'll be most comfortable."