What would Farr do if Saban leaves

Anxious LSU Tiger fans aren't the only ones waiting to see if Nick Saban leaves LSU for the Miami Dolphins. Many of LSU's top recruits, including the top target in its class Galena Park (Texas) North Shore tight end Dajleon Farr, are waiting to see what's going to happen because it likely could be something that changes his view on the recruiting process.
"I'm still committed to LSU," Farr, who is 6-foot-6 and 235 pounds, said. "But if he leaves, then I'm seriously going to have to consider my other options. I'd probably go somewhere else."
Some place else like?

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"Like Miami," he said. "I'm probably leaning more toward there now. I liked what I saw, and I know that they have Reggie Youngblood from Houston heading over there, so I'd feel comfortable."
Farr said at this point, he's not sure what his future holds as he's thinking about taking a last visit, but is likely leaning more toward just waiting and seeing what is going to happen in Baton Rouge.
"I think it's best to wait before I make any rash decisions," he said.