What about the other Jackson

News broke out on Thursday that Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham defensive lineman Malik Jackson had committed to Fresno State. As many also know, there is another Jackson, Marquis Jackson, who is twins with Malik, so the question remains, what is his status as of now?
The Jackson twins are easily two of the top defensive prospects in the West region this year. No one in the state has played any better coming off the edge than the twins and the only thing holding both back from having 25+ offers is academic concerns.
Malik is further along grade wise right now which is why he received the offer from Fresno State and Marquis is still waiting.

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"Neither one are what I would call out of the woods just yet but Malik is closer for sure," Birmingham coach Ed Croson said. "With Marquis, a lot of schools are just waiting on his first semester grades and he still needs a test score, as does Malik.
"Arizona State and Colorado both offered Malik but he chose Fresno State partly because he knows they can take props and Marquis will have a better chance of getting in there. Plus they have family that live in Fresno and even if Marquis doesn't qualify, he can go to Fresno City JC, stay with his family and then transfer to Fresno State so he can play with his brother.
"The two definitely want to play together in college. Hopefully they both make it. I think Fresno State is a good fit because Pat Hill does such a good job with giving kids like this the academic support they need. Plus from a football standpoint, the twins fit in very well with what Fresno State does on defense.
"They both play angry and physical and are very tough. That's how Fresno plays. The two kids just have a motor and keep coming. They have great frames and are very fast off the edge. They really get after it and love to compete so I think if it works out for both of them to attend Fresno State, that would be great for them."