Western PA LB visits Penn State

Linebacker Jake Plonski of Erie (Pa.) Cathedral Prep began his visit schedule this weekend with a trip out to Penn State for their junior day. He will hit up another Big Ten school next weekend, and may hit up a third in the spring.
"The junior day was good," said Plonski. "I had a great time and I loved the campus. The part I liked the most was the academics. I also liked the coaching staff because they all are knowledgeable and I believe that Penn State is not going to lose a step with them. Another part I liked a lot was the facilities. They were very impressive."
At the end of the junior day Plonski had a long talk with the coaching staff about a possible offer.
"I talked to my recruiter, which is Coach Stan Hixon, and he said that he was going to come to my school in I believe March or April," said Plonski. "That's when I think I will hopefully receive an offer."
Aside from Penn State, Plonski has also been receiving steady interest from Michigan State, Illinois, Syracuse, West Virginia, Nebraska and Pittsburgh.
"I am going to Michigan State this Saturday for a junior day and I believe Illinois in March," said Plonski. "Over the summer I am playing for the PA Swag 7-on-7 team, and I am visiting a lot of other colleges over the summer."
On all of these visits Plonski will have his eyes open for a few specific things.
"I'm looking for a nice campus, good atmosphere around campus, coaching staff I like, players that are fun to be around and how quickly I could possibly see the field," said Plonski.
Last fall Plonski played a major role in his team's success.
"My junior season was good," said Plonski. "I led the team in tackles with 80. I just need to work on my speed, which I have been, and it has already improved a lot. The only other thing I think I really need to work on is reading the play just a little bit faster."