West Brook is loaded in 2008

There is never a shortage of talent at Beaumont (Texas) West Brook High School. The next two classes will continue to solidify that status.
Two prospects, cornerback Mike Williams and tight end/defensive end prospect Blake Chavis have already given commitments to Big 12 schools. Williams committed to Baylor last year and Chavis recently gave his pledge to Texas A&M. That's not all there is at the Texas school with running back Albert Williams, offensive guard prospect Ryan Pollard, and a host of defensive players on the board.
Williams, along with sophomore running back Christian Michael, are getting heavy attention.

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"Albert is a special running back," West Brook coach Craig Stump said. "He had right around 1,400 yards last year as a junior. We recently tested and he squatted 500 pounds and benched 305. The sophomore behind him, Christian, also squatted 500 pounds. He had right at 1,400 yards this year also.
"Albert, you know everyone is sending him letters. Texas A&M, Iowa, or if you go by mail it's everyone from Illinois to LSU to Mississippi State."
Michael has a ways to go before the big recruiting interest begins. Just a 2009 prospect, he's already impressing his coaches and many expect him to be one of the top running backs in a few years.
"Christian can run, jump, do whatever you want from a running back," Stump said. "He does some instinctive things that most sophomores don't do. Whether it's spinning or reaching, he's a good one. After he squatted 500 pounds, I said 'that's enough.' I've never seen a 15 year old squat that much."
The defensive and offensive lines shape up well. Ryan Pollard, brother of Robert Pollard who starred at TCU and in the NFL, has the ability to play up front both ways. Offense looks like his future according to Stump.
"I think he's an offensive player more than a defensive player," Stump said about Pollard. "He's the strongest kid we have here, squatting close to 600 pounds. He's 6-3, 260 and is a good looking guy. He's worked offense in practice either at guard or a tackle. I think in college, he's an offensive guard prospect."
Defensive line-wise, aside from Chavis, there are plenty of others to watch. Defensive ends Marcus Malbrough and Shane McCardell are ones that Stump thinks highly of.
"Shane, it was his first year to play last year, he's right at 6-5 and 220 pounds," Stump said. "He's athletic and tough. There is no telling how big he's going to get. Marcus is in the same mold. I told those guys that if they come in during the summer at 245 or 250 pounds, they're going to go somewhere in a big conference. At that weight, 'nobody is going to block you guys.'"
Last but certainly not least is Chavis and Williams who are both committed to Big 12 schools.
"Blake could really do both (defensive end and tight end)," Stump said about Chavis. "He can run and this is just his first year to play football. He was still an all-district selection and he's only going to get bigger."
Williams is right in that same category.
"There are a lot of people interested in him," Stump said about Baylor commit Williams. "I think Houston has offered, I think that's true. A lot of people haven't even seen him yet. He's a guy that coaches are going to see in May and everybody likes that height which is what everyone is looking for at cornerback. It's height, him being a good athlete, and the speed."