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Wells returns from Notre Dame

Notre Dame received a visit from talented Gainesville, Ga. defensive end Keith Wells over the weekend. The 6-foot-5, 211-pounder made the trip up to South Bend and came away impressed.
"I got up there Friday at about noon," he said. "The last couple days I hung out with the players, met with the coaches to watch film and toured the campus. I just gathered a lot of information about Notre Dame.
"What stood out about the trip was my meeting with the academic support system. They informed me of a lot of things and what the tutors do."
The three-star prospect was hosted on the trip by Brian Smith.
"It was cool, the coaches put us together because we have similar personalities," he said. "I could see where they got that from and he was a cool guy to be around. He told me that this was one of the best decisions he had made. That stuck out to me."
The Florida end met with the coaches too.
"It was good," he said. "I got to sit down with Corwin Brown and the other coaches and we watched a lot of film. I really got to see how I'd be utilized and how they'd develop me. I'd be versatile if I went to Notre Dame. The different things they do as far as dropping, rushing and delayed blitzes. There would be so many different ways to use me.
"I got to talk to Coach Weis too. He's one of those straight shooting coaches. He told me he wasn't going to sell, sell, sell me on Notre Dame and tell me reasons why I shouldn't go to another school. He just told me to see it for myself and in the end I can decide what is best for me."
One thing did stick out from the No. 15 weakside defensive ends meeting with Weis.
"When I was sitting in a meeting room with him, he looked me in the eye and promised if I decided on Notre Dame that he'd be one of those coaches that looks out for me for life, not just four years."
Wells finished by rating the trip.
"It was a really good trip and I'd rate it definitely a 10. It was a really, really good trip and made a whole lot of progress for Notre Dame," he said. "At the end of the day I've got to find the best school for me and where I feel most successful.
"I'm probably going to announce tomorrow or Tuesday. I don't have an exact time, but it may be tomorrow (Monday) at noon between Notre Dame, Ohio State and Tennessee."