Watkins wide open

Dallas (Texas) Bishop Dunne Rivals250 cornerback Nick Watkins knows all about being one of the most sought after prospects in the country.
He has seen steady stream of offers pour in from across the country over the last few years, as well as a steady stream of phone calls, letters, e-mail…carrier pigeon. He has seen it and heard it all and at this point no one leads the pack.
"Not really, everybody is in the same boat," Watkins said. "Everybody is talking a good game."

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He also does not plan to narrow his search anytime soon.
"I really haven't thought about narrowing anything until like August," Watkins said. "I'm just taking it slow and seeing what every school has to offer."
National programs such as Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma and many many more have all extended scholarship offers. Still the feeling of receiving an offer never gets old, and today he welcomed another big time opportunity.
"It's a great feeling after you get any scholarship," Watkins said. "Auburn, I know they won the National Championship in 2010. I know they had a down year but they're due for a major comeback and they have a formula with the coaches and it seems like they know what they're doing."
Visits have been few and far between for Watkins. He did not take any visits this fall and the lone visit in the last few months was a visit to Texas for junior day.
"Basically the highlight of the day was practice and seeing how the players work and how the coaches coach," Watkins said. "Coach Akina who coaches the DB, I got to see him, and it was a great honor and experience to see what goes on on the next level."
He does not have anything scheduled but a Big 12 visit could be in the future.
"We were thinking Baylor because the state track meet is at Baylor in May, so I'm thinking maybe Baylor and that's all I know right now," Watkins said.
Are there any schools he would like to visit in the future?
"I'd really like to visit every school but it doesn't work out that way," Watkins said. "So basically you just have to rely on research and your relationship with the coach and just know what he's telling you."
Plans for narrowing his list may not be for a few more months, but he does have an idea about what he is looking for in future program.
"Basically just going off the depth chart, college life, education, that's what I'm going off of," Watkins said. "And just a place my parents can see me play and if they can't get there somewhere they can see me on the TV."
He also has an idea about when he would like to make a commitment to that future program.
"I'm probably going to make it after the season, in January, on my birthday," Watkins said. "It'll be a day I remember for the rest of my life and something I can tell my kids down the road."