Wasonga postpones another visit

For the second time in three weeks four-star running back Allan Wasonga has postponed an official visit that he had scheduled.
The Parkersburg, West Virginia native was planning on taking an official to Penn State two weeks ago at the end of October, but he wasn't able to get in contact with the coaching staff prior to the trip and felt he needed to push that trip back.
He doesn't have a return trip to Penn State scheduled. Now Wasonga has pushed back an official visit to Tennessee, though for different reasons.
"No, I didn't go to Tennessee because I had a playoff game," Wasonga said. "We ended up playing on the same day at 1:30 and I couldn't leave my teammates to go out there. I had to call coach (Jim) Chaney and tell him I wouldn't be coming.
"I'm definitely going to go there again, though. I want to take a closer look at Tennessee."
Wasonga said he attended a camp at Tennessee in July and was impressed with what he saw. After the camp he unofficially visited the school and surrounding area, and he just wants to get a closer look at the school before he makes his decision. He said he would also like to visit Penn State, though again, there is no date set as of now.
"I wanted to take another look at Tennessee and another look at Penn State, and then I would be making a decision soon. Those are definitely my favorites."