Washington has new leader

Jacksonville (Fla.) Andrew Jackson cornerback Leon Washington is a two-way threat for sure. So does the he have a two-team leader? Or has a new team moved up to No. 1?
"I'd probably say that Florida State is my top team right now," Washington said. "I used to say that was Florida, but I don't know about them. They're not keeping my attention. They offered me a scholarship, but it doesn't seem like I'm a priority. I am with other schools."
Other schools like Florida State, South Carolina, Michigan State, Maryland and Oklahoma.
Washington has not lined up any visits at this point but says that Florida State, Florida, South Carolina and Oklahoma are for sure places he'll trip to. The final visit will be to either Michigan State or Oklahoma.
Washington said his season is still his top priority.
"I'd be setting up visits and thinking more about college if we were 1-7 instead of 8-0," Washington said. "We still have a long way to go in the playoffs. That's what I'm focused on."